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Here's an interview from the 2000 DVEXPO

Michael Rubin is an editor, strategist and teacher, currently residing in Santa Cruz. Graduated from Brown University with an Sc.B. in Neural Sciences, he joined Lucasfilm Ltd.'s new division, The Droid Works, where he was instrumental in the development of training for the EditDroid, and in introducing the Hollywood market to nonlinear editing for film.

Upon The Droid Works' close in 1987, Rubin worked with the digital audio start-up, Sonic Solutions, which was developing new methods for Compact Disc pre-mastering and digital noise reduction/elimination techniques. Today Sonic Solutions is the leader in DVD authoring systems and technology.

Late in 1987, Rubin joined CMX as a staff editor, working in the development and initial release of their CMX 6000 laserdisc-based editing system, and for a number of years supported its full-time use at The Post Group in Los Angeles. He left CMX in 1989 to freelance.

Rubin has supported the use of nonlinear editing systems on many projects: commercials and music videos; the first feature film edited on the 6000, Perfect Victims; considerable film-originated television programming such as Baby Boom and Dolphin Cove and the CBS mini-series Lonesome Dove (1989). Rubin assisted Academy Award-winning editor Gabriella Cristiani in her nonlinear post-production of Bernardo Bertolucci's The Sheltering Sky (1990) and was a principal nonlinear editor on the Paul McCartney concert film Get Back (1991), both on the CMX 6000. He was also an editor on one of the first two network television series to be cut on the Avid Media Composer in 1991.

He has been an instructor at UCLA Extension courses and seminars, a panelist at UCLA and in the Women in Film conference, a moderator for ITS panels, an advisor and instructor for the AFI-Apple Computer Center, and a teacher to hundreds of professional film editors.

Rubin has lectured internationally on nonlinear film editing: as a guest of the EFFECTS conference in Hamburg, Germany; at the International Television Symposium in Montreux, Switzerland; for the Directors Guild in Hollywood, California. Today, Rubin continues to teach, write and consult.

Rubin was one of the first individuals to become a professional editor (for features and television) with no prior experience in video or film. Along with his work as a futurist, and brand strategist, he and his wife Jennifer founded Petroglyph Creative Lounge®, selected by the San Jose Business Journal as the 7th fastest growing private company in Silicon Valley (1999). Rubin was also the finalist in the SJBJ 1997 Entrepreneur of the Year. He is is presently Chairman of Petroglyph, Inc. Along with everything about his Macintosh, he enjoys writing, photography, films and travel.

"Life is either a daring adventure ... or nothing." Helen Keller

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